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Composite Deck Construction by DFW Fence Co

Composite Deck Construction

If you’re building a new deck or replacing your old deck, composite is the material we recommend. When it first was being created in the ‘90s, it was seen as more of a luxury material but over the years has evolved to be the most popular option on the market. Why is this? Well, it outlasts the classic wooden deck by 25 to 30 years, has tons of options for customization and is even environmentally friendly!


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What Exactly is Composite Decking?

Composite is a material made of reclaimed wood, and discarded plastics. When combined with heat, it creates a strong decking material that stands up to pests and the elements. Originally sold uncapped, it evolved over the years to its capped form. The difference? Composite now no longer warps, cracks or splinters because of the surface product applied to it. This capping also repels moisture.

If you’re making a comparison to classic wood decks, points to consider would be:

Lack of Vulnerability

Composite keeps off mold, rot, pests and most weather damage—factors that affect all wood decks.


Made of 95% recycled material, you can’t find a better option to stay green.


Wood can be stained, but composite can be produced from the start in a variety of colors.


Choose hollow composite lumber to easily run wiring through it!

The popular choice, composite decking is favored by 57% of US homeowners. It’s not completely invulnerable; it can fade and incur scratches, but they are easily dealt with.

At an average of $35/square foot, it is pricier, but in the long-run saves you maintenance costs and by far outlasts the competition.

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